Introducing the world’s fastest user interface. Control anything and everything with one touch.

Why use it?

Command Stick™ offers greater speed, efficiency and functionality compared to traditional interfaces. Users can issue hundreds of commands from the same small space, quickly summon it to any location and fire off effortless commands from muscle memory.

What is it?

Command Stick™ is a simple menu operated by dragging through its four sections. Its patented gesture system significantly reduces the time and effort required to perform actions on a device, transforming menu navigation into a single, fluid gesture.


Command Stick™ was developed as white label technology intended for cross-industry adoption. Benefits for licensees include: simplified UI, enhanced performance, cross-platform standardisation, eyes-free controls, extensive customisation and many more.

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Patented industry-leading UI. Innovative, unique and heavily customisable. Discover how Command Stick™ integration could shape the next generation of digital products.


How do I install it?

To install Command Stick™, download it here from the Google Play Store.

Follow the installation prompts, and enable it in your device’s accessibility settings. This allows Command Stick™ to interact with your device and perform actions on your behalf. Note we do not collect any user data whatsoever.



Is it customisable?

Very. We have a range of themes to choose from with many more scheduled for release.

You can customise commands through the app by selecting the custom commands dropdown. From there, you can configure gestures to perform specific actions tailored to your needs and preferences.



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